Compete With Yourself

Hello everyone! It’s me, Larry from Sixty Mile Motivation.

Okay so today I want to tell you about something that is basically ingrained in all of us from birth, or at least it feels like it is. This is something that DRIVES US EVERY DAY. This is something that fuels us and give us that extra burst of enthusiasm we need to PUSH OUR LIMITS and step out of our comfort zone. This is something that is VERY IMPORTANT to us in the pursuit of our goals and dreams BUT this is also something that can HOLD US BACK, SLOW US DOWN, and EAT AWAY AT OUR SELF-CONFIDENCE if we let it.

Have you guessed what it is yet? Maybe you did. Well, here it is.


Competition is EVERYWHERE. Even babies compete. Think about it, when one baby picks up a toy that another baby is thinking about picking up, what does the first baby do? That first baby probably snatches the toy back. When they grow a little more and develop some language and communication skills, the snatch back may be accompanied by a MINE or THAT’S MINE or I WAS GOING TO PLAY WITH THAT.

This doesn’t change much later in life. It just takes different forms. Can you think back to a time when you were in school and the teacher asked a question and you and some other kids were so eager to be the first one to answer it that you would try to raise your hand so high so fast and you’d say “OOOO ME PICK ME PICK ME”.

Yeah, that’s competition. You want to show the teacher and the class that you are the one who knows the answer and you were the fastest to get your hand up.

Let’s talk about TEAM SPORTS. One team wins and one team loses. That’s the nature of the game. Then within that game between the two teams, there may be an MVP for the game. Of course that means Most Valuable Player. There may even be an MVP for each team. So the players are competing as a team against another team and then against all of the other players on both teams individually and then… the players are working together with their teammates but still trying to stand out on their own team so they shine as an individual.

That is a great example of competition. Sports in general, in my opinion, is one of the greatest and most healthy forms of competition.

But something happens to us somewhere a long the way in life. Most of us keep that competitive mentality, which is great, but we let is start to drive us so much that it can actually slow us down.

What’s that old saying? Keeping up with the Jone’s? I guess today it’s keeping up with the Karsashians. Right?

It’s that feeling that you constantly have to be outdoing your peers, neighbors, or anyone else. You need to have a bigger nicer house, a more expensive car, a better position at work than your co-workers, live in the better zip code, or just have more stuff in general. Now don’t get me wrong, wanting more is not the problem.

The problem begins when you start believing that if you don’t have more than someone else and if you perceive someone else to be BETTER than you at something or you perceive them to be AHEAD of you in some area of your life, that something is wrong with YOU. It’s not.


Who cares what anyone else is doing or how much further ahead you think they are? Dwelling on that is not going to move you forward. It’s going to sap your self-confidence and it is going to drag you down. You need to set PERSONAL GOALS FOR YOURSELF. You need to make sure that each day YOU are making progress toward YOUR GOALS. You need to make sure that tomorrow, you are a little closer to your goal that you are today.



Look, if you have a goal of being able to do 100 push ups each day and yesterday were able to complete 25, then today, push harder to complete 26, 27, or 28.

If you have a goal of riding 50 miles on your bicycle this week and last week you were able to ride 37 miles, this week dig deep and push yourself harder for that extra mile or two. Maybe you can complete 38 or 39 miles.

If you have a goal of saving $20,000 to use as a down payment on a house, and so far you’ve saved $5,000. Maybe skip that trip to Disney World next weekend that’s going to cost you about $500 after the gas, entry tickets, hotel room, food, etc. Put that money INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INSTEAD. Now you have $5,500 which is $500 closer to your goal.

That’s all is takes. Even that is COMPETITION.


You are a little better today… a little closer to your goal today… than you were yesterday, or last week, or last month, or last year.

If you are so focused on competing with other people and trying to be ahead of other people, you can easily end up comparing yourself with other people and that usually doesn’t end well.

You cannot compare yourself to others and judge your success based on that comparison because each person’s life circumstances are different. Your neighbors level of success has no bearing on your potential for success. Your peers level of success has no bearing on your potential level of success.

SIDE NOTE: When I say that your peers success has no bearing on your level of success I mean that in the way that YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOU. However, you don’t want to spend your time hanging around people who are going no where in life. YOU ARE WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH in many cases. I’ll talk more about that in another post.


Stay tuned for more motivational and hopefully inspirational content coming your way from Sixty Mile Motivation. Remember to subscribe so you’ll be up to date when the newest posts go up. Until next time, remember… you don’t quit, you never give up, you are ALWAYS FORWARD. YOU CAN DO THIS.

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