What is Grind?

Hello again everyone! It’s me, Larry, from Sixty Mile Motivation. Well, here we are. It’s Wednesday. I know you’re smack in the middle of your busy work week, or school if you’re a student.

This is a GREAT time to talk to you about something THAT IS VITAL to your success in ANY endeavor. However, it is not fun and it is not flashy and you probably will not get any credit for it because most people won’t even see you doing it. Even worse? You will have to invest a lot of your time and effort into it and it will not be easy. What is it? Do you know? It’s the…. GRIND.

What is the GRIND? You hear that word thrown around all over the place. People talk about GRINDING. I mean, are they talking about something industrial or maybe automotive like grinding gears while learning to drive a stick? NO. The GRIND is all of the work that you put in behind the scenes that gets you closer to reaching your goals and living your dreams. This is work that you put in the early morning hours, late night hours, the in-between times during the day, and any other time that you have time to spare.

Why do people say they’re GRINDING? Why not just saying they’re working. Well, first of all it doesn’t sound as cool right? Look, I made a joke earlier about the word GRIND being something automotive like grinding gears. Well, GRINDING can feel like that sometimes. The name fits. You might also know it by it’s other popular name… the STRUGGLE.

So now let’s apply it. Grinding can apply to you puttin’ in strong work behind the scenes while attempting to reach any goal. Let’s say that you’re a student in highschool and you have a goal to get straight A’s all year long. How are you going to do that? Are you gonna spend all of your free time hanging out with your friends talking to them about how you’re gonna get straight A’s? I mean, not if you really wanna get A’s. If you really wanna get A’s you’re going to be GRINDING. That means studying, homework, concentrating in class, staying focused, maybe joining study groups and signing up for tutoring. None of that stuff is fancy and you might not think it’s very fun. BUT THAT’S WHAT GRINDING IS. You are doing a lot of hard work that not a lot of people, if anyone, sees or understands but it’s not about other people. It’s about you preparing yourself for what’s next. In this example, it’s about you achieving your goal of getting straight A’s.

Let’s say that you have a goal of buying your first car. Well, unless someone’s going to buy it for you, that means you gotta GRIND. Let’s say that you have to pick up a part time job to save money. That means filling out applications, putting together a resume, following up with phone calls to the places that you applied, and balancing all of that with your school work. Side note, don’t be fooled. A lot of businesses these days want you to fill out applications on their websites instead of in person. After you do that, you still need to go there in person and show face to follow up. Otherwise, you’re just another name in a long list of applicants. This is also a good time to bring your resume with you and drop it off. It will make you stand out.  Yeah none of that stuff is fancy. It’s probably not fun and no one is going to applaud you for doing it but it’s going to get you closer to your goal of buying your first car. That’s GRINDING.

Let’s move further out. You want to get into a good college? GRIND. You want to do well in college and get your bachelors and then your master’s degree or your doctorate? GRIND. You want to land a great job after college and turn it into a great career? GRIND. You want to open your own business? GRIND like you’ve never grinded before.

Look over a year ago, I was contacted by a friend and I decided that I was going to teach myself to program Java and make mobile apps for Android Devices. I started GRINDING and haven’t stopped. I was enrolling in free online classes, watching YouTube videos, practicing programming, and doing a lot of it late night when my family was in bed and early in the morning before work and before they woke up. I even applied for a scholarship opportunity for an Android Development class with Udacity and Google. I went through a three month challenge course then I was selected for the scholarship opportunity and was enrolled in the full class. It was a great class but it was hard work. Sometimes I wanted to sit around and binge Netflix series instead of programming just to decompress but most of the time I skipped it and kept GRINDING. I released my first Android App in 2018 and I’m working on a second right now. This is all while working full time and being a full time husband and father. I’m not where I want to be yet in the app development space but I’m moving closer to it every day.

Let me take it back a little further, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree as well in my 30’s… again, full time job, full time husband, full time father. If that’s not grinding to accomplish a goal, oh boy. I’ll get into that more in another video.

Speaking of videos, I also love doing this and I it would be great if someone somewhere watched them and they gave that person that little edge they needed to make them start grinding towards their own personal goals.

Thanks everyone stay tuned for more motivational and hopefully inspirational content coming your way from Sixty Mile Motivation. Until next time, remember… you don’t quit, you never give up, you are ALWAYS FORWARD. YOU CAN DO THIS.

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