I Can Still Be Awesome

I want to talk to you about something today that is so important and I really want to paint a picture for you to illustrate what I believe to be true about changes in our attitude and outlook as we go from being children to adults.

Let’s talk about optimism. First of all, we need more of it. Right? Yeah we do. Why are adults so pessimistic? Is it because they are just horrible people who always think the worst of everything and that’s just how they were born? I don’t think so. I think that people become pessimistic over time. I think that we all start out pretty optimistic and then life happens. Right? Maybe kids get picked on in school, maybe they get picked on at home (I hope not), maybe their parents aren’t the best at telling them how special they are, maybe they have bum teachers or other bum role models outside of their home who are unhappy with their own lives so they dump their misery on other people including kids. Maybe it’s a some combination of those.

First and foremost I am a firm believer that everything starts and ends at home when it comes to kids. That is an intense and in-depth topic for another video.

So anyway, back to optimism. You ever notice how, as you get older, other adults are so quick to shut down new ideas and scoff at new opportunities with a “yeah I tried that before it doesn’t work” or “don’t waste your time with that, my brother did that and he failed miserably” or the every popular “i’m just looking our for you here I don’t want to see you disappointed”. What is it about adulthood? We should be smart enough and experienced enough to know that all the garbage that happened to us earlier in life is in the past. But instead, we let ourselves get so bogged down with that negative stuff that we actually start to think that we can’t do things and we think that we aren’t good enough or we believe we are stuck were we are at? We end up thinking that something is wrong with US.

Why can’t we just be present where we are while we look towards the future with positivity and optimism and think of all of the wonderful things that await us if we just apply ourselves and commit to reaching our goals and living our dreams? Why?

I could go over so many possible reasons; i.e. childhood issues, having bad parents raise you, being told your whole life that you can’t make it, living in poverty as a child, being from a foreign country with a language barrier, feeling insecure about your feelings or who you are vs who you want to be, maybe you’re just surrounded by jerks. Man the list goes on.

The thing is that none of that stuff matters. None of that stuff matters because what you do today and how you feel about yourself is completely up to you. Look, I want to share something with you to illustrate my point and I hope it reaches you.

Last night I was playing transformers with my 5 year old son; the one that I told you currently has his hand in a cast. He has some transformer action figures. He let me use Optimus Prime here and he was using one called Drift. Look here they are. Drift is an orange Lamborghini… good choice kid…

Anyway, Drift is his favorite transformer toy. He loves this thing. The funny thing about that is that a while back both of Drift’s arms broke off. It didn’t stop my son from playing with him though. He plays with him all the time. So last night we are playing with the transformers. I transform Optimus from a truck to a robot. My son transforms Drift to a Robot and we have the transformers standing there talking to eachother. So I, being Optimus, say “Hi Drift, what’s up? What happened to your arms?”

My 5 year old son replies, as Drift, “Um I don’t know… they’re gone… but I can still be awesome”.


The robots arms are gone and my son doesn’t want to throw him away and buy a new one and my son doesn’t look at the robot like it’s less of a robot because it has no arms. Instead he says…


Maybe that has something to do with him being five and having his hand in a cast and only being able to use 3 fingers on that hand right now. He has had to adapt and overcome and he’s doing AWESOME. My wife, his older brother, and I support him all the way. We tell him that he can do it. We don’t treat him like the cast is a hinderance. With his attitude, it wouldn’t matter. He’s all go and no stop.

So next time you are looing into the mirror and picking apart your physical flaws or next time you are sitting in silence thinking of all of the things you are missing in your life or thinking about your shortcomings (because everyone has them and we all think about them)… why not try saying to yourself…


You can.

Stay tuned for more motivational and hopefully inspirational content coming your way from Sixty Mile Motivation. Until next time, remember… you don’t quit, you never give up, you are ALWAYS FORWARD. YOU CAN DO THIS.

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