Pause Then React

As I look around and observe, I see that a lot of trouble people get into can be avoided. It seems like, for so many people out there, they are their own worst enemy. I know I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. The thing is that we all know things are going to happen to us that are not favorable. Right? Things that we don’t like. That’s life. Most of that stuff we cannot control. It is out of our hands.

The most important thing, however, is completely in your control. And this is what I want to talk to you about today. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. This is something that can literally determine whether you can bounce back from a bad situation or whether it will be 100 times worse than it has to be. This is the thing that can either help you lift yourself up when you fall down, or it can hold you on the ground with your face in the mud. This is something that can literally MAKE or BREAK any relationship, business, friendship, dating, marriage it doesn’t matter.

Do you know what it is? It is your reaction. Yeah, it’s the way that you allow yourself to react after something unfavorable happens to you. Yes, you heard that correctly. Let me say it again; it’s the wat that YOU ALLOW YOURSELF to react. Now right now you might be thinking to yourself that when something bad happens to you, you get mad or upset or sad or whatever it is and that is an emotion that you feel immediately and you cannot control that. You may not be able to control feeling mad or sad or upset or whatever emotion you immediately feel in the moment BUT YOU CAN CONTROL if you allow yourself to act on that emotion IN THAT MOMENT. I am going to tell you how in just a minute and give you the SIMPLE SECRET that you can use to make sure that you DO CONTROL how you allow yourself to react. If you do this, I can almost guarantee that you will see a positive difference in your ability to handle unfavorable situations from that point on.

Think about this, for the parents out there, you have your son or daughter who is 5 years old. They are playing outside with their friend. They happen to be wearing a new white shirt that you just bought. All of a sudden your child comes running up to you covered in dirt. SHIRT IS RUINED. You get very upset right away and without thinking of anything else you put on an upset face and you scold them for digging around in the dirt and you tell them that they are in big trouble for ruining that new white shirt. Then your child starts to cry and say they are sorry and it’s not their fault but you don’t listen and you just keep scolding.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED is that your child was running playing outside with their friend, your child tripped, fell in the dirt completely on accident, hands got dirty, shirt got dirty, and your child was kinda shook up from the fall so they got up and tried to wipe some of the dirt off from their hands and accidentally used their shirt… then realized what they were doing and went to find you so you could help and comfort them.

So now your child is confused and your child is upset. They came to you for help but you immediately got upset with them. You made up your mind that they did something that they didn’t actually do. Things are just going from bad to worse.

It would have been much better if you saw your child coming up to you all dirty, you paused, you asked them what happened even if you immediately felt upset and thought this was their fault, you listened to them, you comforted them, you realized what happened and then told them it’s ok and helped them to clean up. Your child would probably be more open to approaching you for help next time something not favorable happens to them.

You react how you allow yourself to react. It’s completely up to you but the way that you react can have a big impact on your relationships with others, the way you feel about yourself, and your life in general.

Look, I speak from experience. All of the content that I create, I do it because all of these things have played a part in my life somewhere along the way. In this case, it wasn’t a white shirt, my five year old son’s hand is currently in a cast but he still wants to be a little boy and play, right? So he’s outside with a friend and hes kinda crouched down looking at something and kinda tips forward on accident and his hand dips into the dirt. He comes over to me and shows me and I immedietly get frustrated and ask him why he was digging in the dirt with his cast. WHAT? C’mon Dad. Seriously? I was able to catch myself though and change the way I was reacting and it all worked out. I hugged him and told him that I understood that it wasn’t his fault at that point BUT it started off with me reacting unfavorably because I ALLOWED MYSELF to react without PAUSING first.

THAT IS THE SECRET SAUCE. THAT IS THE MAGIC. PAUSE, THEN REACT. If you just repeat that in your head throughout your day it will literally help you in any situation when something unfavorable happens to you. PAUSE, THEN REACT.

I believe that PAUSE, THEN REACT would save countless relationships, marriages, keep people out of trouble and make the world a better place in general. Yeah I went there. I said it… make the world a better place. Look, the way that we react matters and there is REAL POWER in KNOWING AND BELIEVING that we CAN CONTROL OUR REACTIONS.

When we think that our reactions are out of our control it feels like we are powerless, like we are controlled by our emotions and THAT is just not true. PAUSE, THEN REACT. How many fights with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, brother, sister, mom, dad, children, friends could be avoided if you just PAUSE, THEN REACT?

The PAUSE gives you a few seconds to breathe and for your brain to process the event before you react. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, in those few seconds you can decide to react favorably rather than unfavorably. Yeah, your brain works that fast. LISTEN TO THIS: If you don’t hear anything else out of this entire video, hear this: The difference between a situation going from BAD to WORSE to UNFIXABLE or BAD to GETTING BETTER to BACK TO NORMAL could literally be as simple as PAUSE, THEN REACT. Try it.

Stay tuned for more motivational and hopefully inspirational content coming your way from Sixty Mile Motivation. Until next time, remember… you don’t quit, you never give up, you are ALWAYS FORWARD. YOU CAN DO THIS.

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