The Sixty Mile Story

When my wife and I met and started dating in early 2009, we lived 60 Miles apart. We actually met on an online dating site. Crazy but true. We would take turns driving to see each other and sometimes we met in the middle. This went on for a couple years before we decided that we didn’t want to be apart anymore and we moved in with each other, got married, and started our life together.

2010; one of our many sunset beach dates 🙂

Dating while living that far apart was not always easily with the daily responsibilities life brings and those additional struggles that get thrown into the mix from time-to-time. We could have easily said that it just wasn’t worth it (but we knew it was). We could have decided to break up because of distance, inconvenience, or any other reason… but we didn’t. We knew what we had was too special to let it go. When you find that person. You just kind of know. Even if it’s not obvious in front of your face, it’s a feeling that you have maybe even way deep down in your subconscious. 

Fast forward 10 years to 2019, and we have a house, we have been so many places together, done so much, we have a growing family (3-children), and we have grown as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. She has pushed me to enjoy life more than I could have ever imagined and to live my best life

Just an example here; while we were dating I watched my wife work full time, raise her son, help out her parents, and still go to full-time college. There were many nights that I would drive to visit her and our date would be me sitting in her room with her while she took a college Calculus exam online. I also saw her complete the test, which sometimes took hours, and be ready to submit the answers, hit the submit button only to get an error from the website and have to take the entire test over again. She was frustrated (rightfully so) and sometimes even cried. I mean she had a lot going on and she was just trying to better herself and having something like a website error make you spend another three hours taking a Calculus test over again was just too much to handle. However, she did not quit. She would take the test over. She got through college and graduated. I was there on her graduation day. She was so proud and I was so proud of her. What a great accomplishment and great example for her son… and for me.

You see, after I graduated high school I went to a community college. Seems easy enough but I didn’t even commit to that. I did get an “A” in speech though. Go figure. Anyway, I never even completed my 2-year degree. Now I am in my 30’s and I see my wife graduating completing her 4-year Bachelor’s Degree. It motivated me to go back to school. Keep in mind, and this is important, my wife never told me once to go back to school. She just lead by example. Seeing what she did motivated me to complete my degree so I dug in and got back to it. 4 years later, I graduated college with my Bachelor’s Degree. That my friends, is true motivation from the most pure source; a positive influence in your life.

My wife is also an artist. When we moved into our first condo together in late 2010, she created the coolest drawing for our wall. On that drawing, as you can see above she wrote “60 miles” (bottom-right) because as I mentioned we lived 60 miles apart when we met. Well, I didn’t know it then but Sixty Mile Motivation was born right there. The photo above is the actual original drawing in the original frame hanging on the wall of our first place. Now it hangs on the wall of our new home in the entry way on display for everyone that comes to visit to see.

Today, we hope to motivate, and inspire others to believe in themselves, look at life through a different lens, and live their dreams.

Remember, anything good in life takes persistence, perseverance, and dedication. You must believe in yourself and what you are devoting your time to. You do not quit. You never give up. You are ALWAYS FORWARD. You can do this.

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